Foreign Investment

Foreign InvestmentGeneral Information

Within the Corporate Law area, our firm has a variety of specialized areas, like the Foreign Investment area that stands out for its importance.

The Foreign Investment area has as main function the registration of the Mexican companies in which participate in a higher or lesser percentage the Foreign Investment, as provided by the Foreign Investment Law (the “Law”), in the National Registry of Foreign Investment (the “Registry”). Other functions are to control the implement of the applicable legal requirements contained in the same law, like to file notices of modification, quarterly economic reports, annual economic reports (which make the function of a renewal) and cancellation of registration in the Registry, through the format previously provided by the Ministry of Economy.

One of the essential purposes of this area is to provide to Mexican companies, wherein intervenes the foreign investment, a legal regulation that allows them to operate significantly in the field of their operations.

Also, is for our interest encourages foreign investment in national territory, that would allow a further development and the creation of jobs, which would be promoted giving foreign investors the security that their investment is properly registered with the Mexican authorities, in this case, before the Registry.

The area of Foreign Investment in our firm is handled by the lawyers: Estela Rodriguez Botello, Omar Sánchez and Rafael Heres del Valle.