Immigration Law

Immigration Law General Information

The firm also has an area of Immigration Law whose main activities includes the placement in national territory of foreign individuals, modification of migratory status, exit and return permits to national territory, extension of permits to stay in the country, etc.

The area of Immigration Law has a vast experience and is headed by graduates in Law, Luis Javier Legarreta Cantú and Rafael Heres del Valle.

Considering the importance that represents today to have people trained in various branches of science and industry, as well as the need to implement technological innovations coming from other country, our firm is committed to provide to foreign visitors the legal status required to stay in the country through a legal protection granted by its legal internment to the country.

Likewise, our firm provides representation to multinational corporations and other local companies that use foreign employees on a temporary or permanent basis to obtain their legal residency in our country, as well as to develop programs and guides to provide basic integral assistance in terms of Immigration Law to our clients.